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Finical, Inc. Custom Account Services

At Finical, Inc. we understand that your business is one-of-a-kind, and your commitment to your customers is unparalleled. Therefore, we know that you are looking for more than an average, out-of-the-box credit card payment service to help you build your dream.

This is why we offer an integrated customer service platform that uniquely fits your business goals. Our POS systems are integrated with software solutions to help you build loyalty and repeat customers, which are the key to to long term growth. 

Looking For More Than Just The Standard?

Gift Card Acceptance - Finical, Inc. can turn your terminal into a virtual money-making machine by offering Gift Card programs to your customers. Gift Cards keep customers coming back and often encourage them to spend more than what’s on the card. Plus, Gift Cards help to simplify the process of managing in-store credits, as well as help to combat fraud by keeping more cash in-house and out of reach.

Loyalty Program - Loyalty Card programs are another great way to boost sales. You can offer free products, dollar discounts or a percentage off future purchases, all of which will entice customers to keep coming back. When you reward your customers for returning and making purchases, customer loyalty and profits rise. Finical, Inc. makes it easy and affordable to offer Loyalty Card programs to your customers.Gift Cards - Loyalty Program

Cash Advance - With a cash advance from Finical, Inc., your business gets the money it needs to take full advantage of growth opportunities. This is not a loan, but an advance on future sales. The advance will be paid back via a small, agreed-upon percentage of daily credit card transactions. All the business has to do is keep doing business as usual. No fixed payment schedule, no restrictions, no collateral, no bank fees – just the cash your business needs.

Merchant Advantage Program - Because we value our new merchants, we automatically enroll them in our Merchant Advantage program to provide even more savings right from the start. This program is normally $9.95 per month, but new merchants get to try it FREE for three months!

Check Acceptance - Customers who want to write checks are no problem. With our Check Conversion and Guarantee service, you can accept checks just like credit cards. Checks are converted into electronic deposits, so the payments go directly into your bank account, just like your credit card funds.

And, with our Check Guarantee Service, we guarantee payment on every check you process and accept. So, you won’t have to worry if a check is good, and lose a sale.

Why Finical, Inc.?

Have You Heard? There’s a reason Finical, Inc. is the first choice of small businesses for all of their credit card processing needs.Finical, Inc. offers the most affordable online and offline payment solutions for small businesses in the US and Canada. 

Trusted by over 100,000 happy merchants, Finical, Inc. makes the process of opening a merchant account easy and affordable.Finical, Inc.'s merchant services allow small businesses to accept all major credit cards and debit cards, including the new EMV cards. Receive a free credit card reader when you sign up today!

If you are new to credit card processing or are confused with your current plan, call one of our trained professionals today for a FREE, friendly consultation at (888) 707-7258. It is our mission to make sure every business owner understands how critical a strategic processing plan is to their business.

With today’s evolving technology, knowing your credit card processing equipment is keeping you safe from fraud and is able to handle all the various ways your customers pay, is critical to your bottom line. Give us a call today and let us give you a FREE evaluation on how your current service is stacking up. You will be surprised at what you may not know is occurring behind the scenes.

Again, Call (888) 707-7258 and compare your current merchant service fees with ours - we guarantee you’ll be surprised. Our clients will tell you that we provide incredible service - because when your business is profitable, then ours is too.

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