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Mobile Credit Card Processing

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Get EMV Compliant Before YOU are 100% Liable for Fraudulent Charges!


You will be RESPONSIBLE for CREDIT CARD FRAUD if you do not have an EMV-compliant terminal by October 1, 2015

It's a new technology that protects your customers' personal information by making credit/debit card transactions faster and more secure thanks to a fancy microchip being embedded in payment cards.

The technology has been in Europe for years and is now being made mandatory for anyone who processes credit cards in the United States.

If you don't have a terminal that is EMV compliant, you won't be able to accept the new credit cards with the microchip. This is critical because credit card companies are already distributing the new cards.

Important to note: As a business owner if you're not EMV compliant by October 1, fraud liability will shift to you.

YOU will be RESPONSIBLE for CREDIT CARD FRAUD if you do not have an EMV-compliant terminal by October 1, 2015

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major credit cards
It's Time to Get a FREE EMV-Compliant machine.
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