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Wired Terminals

Although other processing methods exist, wired credit card payment terminals are still the go-to solution for most businesses. They have been a fixture in retail for many years and have the advantage of ease of use and stability. Regardless of whether it is over the phone with a dial-up unit or via the Internet with an IP solution, wired credit card processors enable you to:

  • Accept debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and electronic checks
  • Enhance your security by eliminating the need to record customers' credit card numbers at your place of business
  • Keep credit card processing costs low
  • Quickly learn how to use this most intuitive of the credit card processing systems.

With each passing year, Americans are becoming less likely to use cash as their first choice when making a purchase. After all, buying with plastic often affords warranties and consumer protections, while simultaneously minimizing the need to carry large sums of money. Wired credit card payment solutions enable you to embrace the so-called "credit card revolution" and make it work for your business. Whether your company is large or small, you are sure to find that these payment strategies will enhance your bottom line as well as your relationship with your customers.

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