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Wireless Credit Card Machines

With the advent of today's wireless technology, you can use a portable laptop or tablet instead of being tied to a cumbersome desktop computer. In the same way, wireless processing has come to small business. Why not see how it can help your company?

Wireless Processing Terminals and Card Readers

Unlike stationary processors, wireless ones don't require connection to a landline telephone or a direct Internet hookup. Yet, you have all of the functionality of a wired system, including:

  • A magnetic strip reader
  • A PIN pad
  • A Display screen
  • A Keypad
  • Portability that enables you to process payments on the go and on the spot, wherever the customer may be
  • Strict security protocols that ensure that your customers' data remains private
  • Processing speeds that are several seconds faster than those found in wired systems

In today's world of instant gratification when every second counts, the success of your business may hinge on your ability to serve your customers in the most secure and efficient way possible. Today you may be at your retail location; tomorrow your sales associates might be accepting orders at a trade show; and next week, your customer may be using a credit card to pay you for services rendered. In all cases, a wireless credit card processing solution can effortlessly interface between you and your customer.

As a small business owner, you doubtless know the importance of a fast and seamless payment process. Wireless payment options give you the flexibility and reliability you need when accepting all types of credit card payments. They just might help you bring your company to the next level of quality and customer service.

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